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Experience the Versatility of PBR Roofing & Siding Panels

PBR roofing and siding panels are frequently utilized in various commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings. They can also be employed for specific residential applications. At Walker Metals in Walker, LA, we offer the area’s most robust and reliable PBR panels.

Among the many advantages of PBR roofing and panels, the most notable benefit is the 1 1/4 inch ribs, set on 12-inch centers, which enable these panels to span up to 5 feet. This feature helps reduce material costs significantly.

Customers in Walker, LA seeking dependable and durable roofing and siding panels can rely on Walker Metals’ PBR panels.

About PBR Roofing & Siding Panel

  • Warranty of up to 40 years for painted panels and 25 years for Acrylic Coated Galvalume panels.
  • Minimum slope of 1/2:12
  • Two substrate options: AZ-50 Galvalume (Painted) and AZ-55 Galvalume (Acrylic Coated).
  • 36″ Net Coverage
  • 26 gauge (standard), with 29 & 24 gauge (optional).
  • Substructures: 15/32″ CDX or #2 1×4 Yellow Pine (minimum); Steel Purlins; Hat Channel
  • Detailed manual and installation guide available

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, PBR roofing and siding panels offer:

  • Quick installation: PBR panels are relatively simple and fast to install, reducing labor costs and project timelines.
  • Design flexibility: PBR panels can be customized to suit various architectural styles and preferences.
  • Weather resistance: These panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for various climates.
  • Low maintenance: PBR panels require minimal maintenance and are resistant to rust, rot, and other forms of wear and tear.

Contact Walker Metals to Learn More About PBR Roofing & Siding Panel

Let our team of experts guide you in selecting the perfect roofing and siding panels to ensure the success of your project while maximizing the value of your investment.

We provide comprehensive roofing solutions for residential and commercial properties of all sizes throughout Walker, LA. We’ll help you determine if our PBR panels are the optimal solution for your application. 

If you want to learn more about Walker Metals’ PBR roofing and siding panels for your project, reach out to our team at (225) 791-7791.

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